2022 College Scholarship Winners

2022 HUECU Scholarship Winner announced

HUECU is pleased to announce this year’s recipients of the college scholarship program! Ten high school seniors were recently awarded $1,000 scholarships from the Credit Union. The winners, nine from Massachusetts and one from Virginia, were selected by a volunteer Scholarship Review Committee comprised of HUECU members. The Committee reviewed applications from more than ninety students.

“Harvard University Employees Credit Union is committed to helping students reach their financial and academic goals,” said Sarah Scruggs, Community Engagement Specialist. “The scholarship prizes will have a positive impact on these students.”

HUECU wishes all applicants the best of luck in their college careers and congratulates them for their achievements and resiliency through their senior year!

Below are the awardees for HUECU’s 2022 scholarship program:

Alex Arnell, HUECU 2022 scholarship recipient Alex Arnell, of Waltham, MA
Nadine Allache, HUECU 2022 scholarship recipient Nadine Allache, Bailey’s Crossroads, VA
James Artz, HUECU 2022 scholarship recipient James Artz, Norton, MA
Samantha Fox, HUECU 2022 scholarship recipient Samantha Cox, Charlton, MA
Oliver Farrell, HUECU 2022 scholarship recipient Oliver Farrell, Sharon, MA
John Paul Giorgio, HUECU 2022 scholarship recipient John Paul Giorgio, Winthrop, MA
Olivia John, HUECU 2022 scholarship recipient Olivia John, Brockton, MA
Varun Suraj, HUECU 2022 scholarship recipient Varun Suraj, Lexington, MA
William Smith HUECU 2022 scholarship recipient William Smith, North Andover

(not pictured) Gildo Fontes, Boston, MA

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