Meet HUECU - Harvard University Employees Credit Union
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Offering a variety of quality financial services, Harvard University Employees Credit Union has been serving our members since 1939.

Priding ourselves on a tradition of excellent service, HUECU provides a complete line of services for all your financial needs. HUECU exclusively serves the Harvard community, including the staff, students and alumni of Harvard University, Harvard teaching hospitals and other affiliated organizations.

Our Mission

To enhance our members’ lives by developing and offering trustworthy products that are easy to understand, easy to use and best suited to meet their financial needs.

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Meet the HUECU Management Team & volunteer Board of Directors.

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Our Vision

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Harvard University Employees Credit Union aspires to be a trusted partner in our members’ financial lives. We add value to membership by offering the best possible price, the highest quality personal service, and sincere, sound advice.

The Credit Union seeks to be known as a community leader and to deepen its long standing commitment to housing issues, green initiatives, financial literacy and access to credit for low and moderate income borrowers.

The Credit Union works toward transformational growth and change without relinquishing the core values we hold today. We are a not-for-profit cooperative which exists solely for the best interest of our members. We value integrity and responsibility in all of our actions. We strive to enhance our communities and create solutions for social, environmental and economic issues.

Safe & Sound

HUECU is a state-chartered credit union, organized under strict laws monitored and enforced by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) an agency of the U.S. Government. The NCUA insures each member account for at least $250,000. The Massachusetts Credit Union Share Insurance Corporation (MSIC) insures all deposits that exceed the federal insurance limits of $250,000.

Not for Profit

Like all credit unions, HUECU is a not-for-profit cooperative. We do not have shareholders, and every member owns an equal stake in the institution, regardless of how much money they have on deposit. Any profits the Credit Union earns are returned  to the membership in the form of better rates on loans and savings, lower fees and improved services.

Membership in the Harvard University Credit Union is available to many Harvard affiliated organizations. Do you qualify?
Ready to get started? Joining the Credit Union is quick and easy using our simple Online Application Membership application.

HUECU offers great rates that helped me buy my first car. The service is fantastic and I’m proud to be a member.

Trevor Groce Member since 2008

Wonderful customer service! Every question and problem I have had was quickly corrected and my questions answered fully.

Paula Member since 2012

An HUECU representative went above and beyond to help us get a loan to solve a family emergency. We are very grateful to her and the Credit Union for the help in a moment of need.

Iraida M. Gonzalez Member since 2005

My favorite thing about the Credit Union is the personal conversations you can have with the staff there about your finances. Thank you HUECU!

Bath-schelouna Agoro Member since 2013

I especially like that the Credit Union doesn’t like to sneak hidden fees in and that I feel like I can trust them.

Till S. Hartmann Member since 2012

HUECU’s service is exceptional! Everyone I’ve ever worked with has been so helpful and kind.

Alyssa Aftosmes-Tobio Member since 2013

The HUECU Staff are just amazing. It’s their over-the-top customer service that keeps me coming back.

Rebecca Coburn Member Since 1994

I was sitting face to face with a pushy finance manager at a car dealership listening to his speech about why I should finance my new car with them. He refused to believe that I could find a rate better than theirs, so he got online and looked it up. He was shocked to find the HUECU rate was as low as I said. He closed his book of “deals” and said, “we can’t do better than that!”

Dianne Heislein Member since 1982

What I love about HUECU is the excellent services, the people friendly attitudes, and that they are always smiling.

Jean Phane Member since 1995

I’ve gotten several loans with HUECU and the transaction is always straightforward and seamless. There are no hidden fees or unexpected charges, and they offer very competitive rates.

Klemen Strle Member Since 2007

The HUECU staff is amazing! I’ve need a lot of assistance, and they are always there for me!

Jessica Bugg Member since 2008

I appreciate the quality service and reassurance we received from HUECU when our home was robbed and our ATM cards were stolen. They helped us close the account right away and gave us peace of mind.

Christine Kressirer Member since 2013

Love the fact that I am member and not a customer. It speaks to the HUECU treatment. Everyone is very helpful and friendly.

Amy Fairhall Member since 2007

I appreciate the small personal banking that HUECU provides. They make me feel not only safe, but also valued as a customer.

Korrey Lacey-Buggs Member since 2008

I really appreciate that even with being a foreigner, the Credit Union made it possible for me to have a credit card.

Alicia Gomez Jimenez Member since 2012

Customer service is awesome. I’ve been a member for about a decade, and it’s still consistently great!

Melissa Kulig Member since 2005

Becoming an HUECU member is one of the best financial decisions I ever made.  I love not having to pay fees for using ATMs

Winston Houston Member Since 1991

I love the HUECU customer service. Everyone is so friendly and always in a good mood.

Anne Marie Stathis Member since 2002

The credit union has great customer service and convenient locations. As a non-US citizen, I particularly liked the fact that HUECU was willing to help us with a credit card. Thanks!

Jessie Bakker Member since 2012

HUECU was very helpful when I needed an affordable education loan! Thank you!

Kate Rettstadt Member since 2011

We love the friendly professionalism of HUECU. As an international graduate student, they were so accommodating and made international banking easy.

Jin Hee Chung Member since 2012

What I like most about HUECU is the excellent customer service. The Credit Union staff (regardless of location) have and exhibit good and unconditional professionalism at all times.

Wilma Bishara Member since 2005

I needed to get something notarized in a hurry. The HUECU agent made me feel at ease because I was very nervous and under a true time crunch. She made me feel like I was with my favorite teacher from high school and not a stranger.

Anthony Jack Member since 2013

By banking at HUECU, I feel confident in knowing my deposits are invested locally. They put your money to work right here, in your community, in the form of prudent home loans, car loans, and business loans to your friends and neighbors.

Anthony McLeod Member since 2010

When you go to a branch, you feel more like part of a community than a customer. From personalized attention by banking or notary agents, to classes on smart homebuying, to the little perks like coffee or coin sorting, you feel supported and valued.

Anders Ohman Member since 2015

Everyone I have ever worked with at HUECU has been knowledgeable, understanding, and helpful. Ever since I first joined, it’s been my only bank!

Robert E Riley Member since 2002

In 1985, on my first day of work at MGH, I joined the Credit Union and started a direct deposit savings account. Three years later, I was able to save enough for a down payment on my first home!

Mary Niederberger Member since 1985

Love the vacation club! When I was a child, growing up in the 1960s, my mom had a vacation club at her credit union, and every summer we would have a lovely two-week camping vacation in the White Mountains. I am carrying on the tradition but have added in Galway, Florence, Paris, Zurich, London, Berlin, Nova Scotia, and many more!

Kathleen Drummy Member since 2001

HUECU simply gives me the best experience around when it comes to managing my personal finances. And with access to Shared Branches and Mobile Banking, I am happy to stick with HUECU wherever I go.

Michael Wojcik Member since 2011

I like the fact that the Credit Union is a stable financial institution and that it is of the people and by the people.

Barbara Mawn Member since 1998

The location in Harvard Square is super convenient. Since I work in the square I can just pop in at any time and do my banking. All the employees are friendly and helpful. It’s a pleasure banking with HUECU!!

Rosemary McConkey Member since 2008

HUECU allows me to avoid the horror and endless fees of banking with the major banks.

Noah Dephoure Member since 2006

I love HUECU because I always feel welcome there.  The staff is very helpful and friendly; it is nice to be addressed by name and treated like a human being. I always feel like the credit union has my best interest in mind.

Amanda Moitoza Member since 2009

The new HUECU branch in the Navy Yard is a great perk for employees. The location is really convenient and the service is always friendly and efficient.

Diane McCabe Member Since 1999

I bought a used car at a dealership. The finance guy said no bank would give me a loan for the car but HUECU did.

Deirdre Neylon Member since 2009

HUECU has a great staff! They make it very easy to do business like car loans, mortgages, etc.

Taso Markatos Member since 1988

I love the personal service. I also think the products are among some of the best offered, in terms of interest rates and credit score requirements.

Kathy Anderson Member since 2012

No matter how many times I go to HUECU, the staff is always patient when I tell them that I don’t remember my account number!

Tsz Wong Member since 2011

I love having a credit union with so many wonderful benefits! We are lucky to have HUECU.

Joann Garrido Member since 2013

The Credit Union makes managing my money easy and they are the best place to go for car loans.

Carlos Rivera Member Since 2001

Refinancing our car loan at the Credit Union was a breeze, we did it totally electronically. Thanks!

Danny Gibbs Member since 2012

Everything about the Credit Union is better than a typical bank; the service, the people who work at HUECU, everything is great!

Freeman Deutsch Member since 2000

The HUECU staff is awesome, fast and efficient. The attitude is always very pleasant, they take time with each customer, ensuring that they are satisfied and all needs are met before moving on to the next customer.

Rondeline Anderson Member since 2006

I love the Credit Union’s online services, and I love having the ability to use any ATM. Great people, too!

Lily Kim Member since 2012

Recently, we unexpectedly found ourselves looking for a home with about 3 months’ notice until our lease was up. HUECU was there from the very first conversation to help guide us through the home-buying and mortgage options. I’m so glad we went through the process with the Credit Union, and I’m forever grateful for the people who helped us.

Andrew Facini Member since 2013

The Credit Union makes it easy to open a variety of accounts. The Holiday Club is awesome!

John Sweeney Member since 2007

The Credit Union’s customer service is impeccable from all sites! Thank you all for being so great!

Ami Rath Member since 2003

The Credit Union has always been there for me financially. I wouldn’t be in the home I am in now without HUECU.

Aurelio Ramirez Member since 1990

For years, HUECU has been my choice for checking, savings, credit cards, and auto loans. They keep their fees down and provide great member benefits where other institutions charge more and offer less for the same services.

Peter Cusson Member Since 2004

I’m a recent graduate, and I have to say one of my biggest regrets was waiting so many years to join the HUECU family. And it’s just that: a family. I feel like I’m welcomed here rather than being a nameless patron behind a glass partition elsewhere.

Aaron Palmer Member since 2014

I love HUECU. They have the best rates and the staff is always so helpful!

Rebecca Moore Member since 2014

I don’t go to the branches very often because I take advantage of your terrific online banking services. But when I do visit the branch, the employees I have met have always been very friendly and extremely helpful.

Jennifer Aubin Member since 2003

It’s not a bank! HUECU reaches out with programs like home-buying seminars. It cares about its members and serves them.

Geoffrey Beach Member since 1997

I don’t work near Cambridge, so I love the convenience of depositing a check electronically using my phone! Who would have thought you could do that. Amazing!

Janet Garabedian Member since 2012

HUECU was my 1st bank out of college. It remains my bank as a professional and now for my family. I have used a variety of HUECU banking services, as my life has evolved. It’s an amazing benefit and institution!

Karin Bloom Member since 2000

I love the convenience – once upon a time you were so close. Now I do everything online and even though I live 500 miles away, you’re still my main bank!

Cindy Pope Member since 1991

I like the friendliness and efficiency of the credit union employees. They are always happy to help me with any of my banking needs.

Alanna Paiva Member since 2008

I really appreciate receiving notices about opportunities for members, such as refinancing my home at a lower interest rate. I’ve done that twice now.

Meryl Golden

I love the great customer service. Everyone is extremely friendly and knows how to put a smile on my face every time I bank with HUECU. Thank you!

Hyanna Malcolm Member since 2012

The day I came in to open an account. The process was welcoming, warm, professional, and efficient. I was made to feel part of the family almost immediately.

Edward Post Member since 2014

I love that HUECU always has my back. The customer service is impeccable, and they make me feel like family.

Sebastian Placide Member since 2013

HUECU staff is friendly, the banking is simple, and your rates are great. This is a great service to all affiliates of Harvard.

Karim Galal Member since 2013

My favorite experience with HUECU was the first time I realized that Holiday Loans were available and the ease of filling out the paperwork. This was like no other banking experience.

Elena Laudani Member since 2004

The Credit Union has great rates and an easy process for getting a mortgage.

Esther Vegh Member since 1986

The Credit Union has better customer service, better banking, and better interest rates than any bank I’ve used.

Kevin Bonham Member since 2012

Being a member of the Credit Union is great!  Putting members first is clearly HUECU’s priority.

Laurie Harhen Member Since 1983

HUECU is amazing. The people are always helpful and friendly. It makes banking fun!

Michael Mozina Member since 2011

I never have to worry about being taken advantage of with sneaky usage fees or shady employees. HUECU has my back.

Katie Higgins Member since 2012

Every staff person that I’ve dealt with at the Credit Union has been so friendly and helpful.

Amanda B. Smith Member since 2011

Great service and overall a terrific credit union!

Anneca Philippakis Member since 2004

I have all good memories of the Credit Union since 1976! I’ve always said HUECU brought me closer to my money.

Anahid Krikorian Member since 1976

I like seeing friendly, familiar faces every time I step into the branch. The staff is helpful, patient, and knowledgeable.

Omar Davis Member since 2011

My previous bank had many issues that required checking in much too often. I prefer to know that things at HUECU are running smoothly with no problems.

Jessica Suarez Member since 2013

What I like most about HUECU is that I can trust them completely. Can’t say that about any other financial institution.

Marion Pascone Member since 2009

The staff at HUECU are always pleasant and they know me by name! I love banking with HUECU!

Aja Jackson Member since 1999

Getting my mortgage at HUECU was a no-brainer  They have the best rates and making payments via payroll deduction is so easy.

Michael Belton Member Since 1983

What I like most about HUECU is the staff. They always make me smile and feel comfortable.

James French Member since 2009

I love everything about this credit union. The best part is the people. They are wonderful!

Shawtae Sullivan Member since 2005

No paper deposit sheets? Awesome! Why can’t other banks do that?

Kathleen Seamar Member since 2007

My HUECU credit card gives me peace of mind. There are no hidden rules or fine print to worry about.

Subrata Ghosh Member Since 2008

When I was recently divorced in 1993 and had a low credit rating, the Harvard Credit Union took a chance on me and financed a new car that I desperately needed. I ended up keeping the car for 15 years! Thank you HUECU.

Beryl Dixon Scott Member since 1987

In the rather impersonal, algorithm driven world of financial services, HUECU provides an exceptionable customer experience. Good for you, HUECU!

Dr. Dennis Garritan Member since 2013

The fact that HUECU has someone who can speak my native language makes me feel more comfortable and close.

Qing Gao Member since 1992

The credit union has friendly people and not a lot of fees like other banks.

Joan Blue Member since 1997

When I call customer service, a real live person answers the phone!

Ruth Lim Member since 2000

What I love most about HUECU is the friendly staff, the excellent service, and the non-corporate feel.

Robert Coughlin Member since 1989

I love that HUECU doesn’t nickel and dime me with fees. It is also so convenient to have my mortgage through HUECU, and they were so much easier to deal with than a bank!

Mary Lanzarotta Member since 2004

I love the Credit Union’s long-standing commitment to workers and sound financial sense. Carry on!

Evan Mull Member since 2014

Once I accidentally over-drafted my checking account when trying to pay back the credit card. Instead of mechanically deducting the overdraft fee the staff at HUECU called me and asked if I intended to transfer funds from the savings account. I was impressed.

Yuan Gao Member since 2013

I am a huge supporter of credit unions, and HUECU has helped me finance 2 cars and vacation loans.

Lawrence Valles Member since 2008

I love being a part of HUECU! Credit unions—especially this one—rock!

Madeleine Straubel Member since 2011

It is always a pleasure to go to an HUECU branch because the staff members are very friendly and attentive.

Katrina Evtimova Member since 2013

When I was locked out of the online system, I called the help number and was immediately talking to a real person, which was surprising as someone who came from Bank of America.

Catherine Townes Member since 2012

HUECU approved a loan for me so I was able to take a cruise with my boyfriend in the Caribbean with a bunch of drag queens from Rupaul’s Drag Race. One of my favorite trips!

David Havelick Member since 2010

HUECU is simple banking with lots of options. I’ve never had any problems turn up and the customer support is wonderful.

Janelle Mills Member since 2000

I left one of the big banks when I became aware of the opportunity to join the Credit Union. The difference was immediately apparent. It is easy to talk to a representative and have questions answered competently.

Thomas Neylon Member since 2009

The credit union has always treated me with kindness and has helped me out in one or two pickles. Thanks HUECU!

Marc Germain Member since 2003

Generally, I think it is very impressive when any business offers exceptional service consistently. It has always been my experience that whenever I had questions or needed something, my request or questions were handled efficiently and professionally.

Ronald P Monroe Member since 1988

I never feel like HUECU is trying to cheat me into paying some hidden fee.

Till Hartmann Member since 2012

HUECU has great customer service and such friendly faces! I feel like the Credit Union really cares about me and my money.

Claudette Dawes Member since 2010

We got our first house with a mortgage from HUECU. It was such a nice experience!

Anne Gardsbane Member since 2000

Great customer service and support. Plus good online banking resources, including mobile check deposit and a well-designed mobile app.

Natalia Luchkina Member since 2016

As a young 18 year old employee, I was able to start savings at HUECU – direct withdrawal in 1978!

Debbie Martori Member since 1978

My boss told me about the Credit Union and how much he loved it. When I was looking to refinance my mortgage, I was very pleased with the service I received throughout the process.

Carol Fyfe Member since 2012

I love HUECU’s commitment to member satisfaction and customer service! Very refreshing after dealing with unfriendly bank employees elsewhere.

Jannatun Mohd Amir Fursan Member since 2012

HUECU is always managed efficiently – no lines, no forms to fill out for minor transactions. I love the friendly, capable staff. Thank you.

Timothy Brown Member since 2009
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