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Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. At HUECU, we pride ourselves on making the mortgage process as straightforward and hassle free as possible. Whether you’re purchasing a new house or refinancing an existing loan, our loan experts will help find the solution that’s right for you.

How it works:

  • Interest rate stays the same over the life of the loan
  • Monthly principal and interest payments remain constant
  • Flexible terms: 10, 15, 20 and 30 year terms available
  • No Annual Fees, No Pre-Payment Penalties: additional mortgage closing cost discounts are available with certain HUECU checking account

Ideal for:

  • Someone who plans to live in their house for a long time
  • Someone who wants the certainty of a fixed monthly payment

How it works:

  •  Interest rate is locked in for a set period of time, after which rates fluctuate depending upon the index and margin
  • Lower mortgage payments during initial fixed term
  • Flexible terms: 5, 7, 10-year adjustment periods available
  • No Annual Fees, No Pre-Payment Penalties: additional mortgage closing cost discounts are available with certain HUECU checking accounts

Ideal for:

  • Someone who doesn’t plan on owning their home for a long period of time
  • Someone who wants lower initial monthly payments than a fixed-rate loan provides

To get your personalized closing costs estimate follow these instructions:

  • Click here and input your loan details. Then, click on “Get Quotes.”
  • The following page will display all Loan Types and Terms; select the product and terms you are interested in and click “View” under the Details column (the far right option).
  • The content will display your closing cost fees. You can click on the “+” to expand each section for details.

Please Note: First Time Home Buyers should subtract $500 from the total.

At HUECU, First-Time Home Buyers receive the following benefits:

  • 0.125% rate discount1
  • FREE Pre-Approval good for 90 days
  • $500 credit towards closing costs2
  • Additional $500 credit if you meet HUD income limits3
  • Reduced Lender Attorney fee ($150 value)
  • Support 7 days a week, including weekends

Jumbo Mortgages are available and designed to fit someone who has larger borrowing needs. Loan amounts up to $5 million may use the online application. For options available above $5 million, please contact an HUECU Mortgage Specialist for assistance.
Schedule an Appointment with a Mortgage Team Member

Subject to credit approval.

1. Must be owner occupied property, Home Ready product is not eligible for discount.
2. Credit does not apply to No point no closing cost program.
3. Low income limits set by most recent data available at Huduser.gov.

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HUECU now offers our exceptional home loan experience in all New England states.

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