New Battery Recycling Program

HUECU battery recycling initiative HUECU has launched a new battery recycling program! If you’ve ever been unsure of how to properly dispose of your batteries (or even your old smartphone and other devices), you’re certainly not alone. Now, members as well as the extended community may drop off their old batteries and small electronics (such as smartphones and iPods) in the new battery recycling stations located at all HUECU branches. Just drop your batteries or devices into the receptacles, and we’ll take care of the rest!

“This initiative is a fantastic way for HUECU members and the greater Cambridge community to stop harmful chemicals from leaking into the soil and groundwater,” says Lucas Constanti, Operations and Sustainability Specialist at the Credit Union. The new program has been championed by Constanti, who views this initiative as a both benefit to the community and an important chance to educate the public about the harmful environmental effects of improper device disposal. “Together, we can make an impact,” emphasizes Constanti.

Visit for branch hours and locations and stop by your local branch to drop off your batteries and old devices!

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