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Below you will find some useful information to help navigate you through the repayment process on your student loans. HUECU student loans are serviced by UAS and you may contact them directly with questions on any account details, including technical assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is my first HUECU Student Loan payment due?

You will receive your first student loan repayment statement approximately one month before the first payment is due.

When your payment is due depends on the type of loan you have.

Immediate Repayment Immediate Repayment Deferred Repayment Deferred Repayment
Type of Loan • Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Online Epidemiology Program • Family Student Loan
• Student Loan Refinancing
• Harvard Graduate Students
• MGH IHP Program
• Post Graduate Transitional/Residency Loan
Grace Period No grace period. No grace period. 6 month grace period beginning at your graduation date. 6 month grace period beginning after disbursement.
Payment Due 45 days after disbursement 30 days after disbursement 30 days after deferment ends 30 days after deferment ends

What is my interest rate and loan term on my Graduate Student, Family, Refinance or Post Graduate Loan?

The interest rate and loan terms for your Graduate Student, Family, Refinance or Post Graduate Loan is available through UAS, the servicer for your HUECU loan(s).You can create or access your loan account by visiting

Can I reduce the interest rate on my Graduate Student, Family, Refinance or Post Graduate Loan?

If you set up automatically recurring payments on your HUECU Graduate Student, Family, Refinance or Post Graduate loan(s), you will receive a .25% interest rate discount that you will see reflected once the first payment clears. You can set up automatic payments via the UAS website. You can create or access your loan account by visiting

Repayment tip: You can sign up to make automatically recurring payments as low as $25 a month while you are still enrolled in order to receive the interest rate discount.

How does interest accrue on deferred, in-school loans?

If your loans are deferred while you are enrolled in your program, then simple interest accrues on your loan principal.

What is Amortization?

Amortization is the calculation to pay off a large sum of money over a set amount of time, that accounts for paying off interest and balance in a cost effective way for the borrower.

Are my payments applied towards principal or interest?

When you first begin to make payments, the amount of your payments that go to interest is higher than the amount that goes to principal.

This ratio slowly shifts over time, as you will pay off the interest that accrued while the loan was deferred and begin paying down more borrowed principal.

Towards the end of your loan term, your payments will cover only interest that accrues on a month-to-month basis, and be going mostly toward principal.

Who is UAS?

All HUECU student loans are serviced by our loan servicer, UAS. The login/account creation page is

UAS will handle all statements and repayment information regarding your loan. Communications regarding your HUECU loan will be sent to you by UAS.

How do I repay my HUECU Graduate Student, Family, Refinance or Post Graduate Loan?

If you have a Graduate Student, Family, Refinance or Post Graduate Loan with HUECU, you can create an account with UAS, our loan servicer by visiting

To create an account, you may use your social security number (SSN), a taxpayer ID, or the document ID number located on your statement. A document ID will start with a 31. If you do not have a SSN, please use your document ID number.

Repayment Tip: If you will be making international transfers, check with your local financial institution, as well as HUECU, to determine the most cost efficient way for you to transfer money.

What are the Payment Options?

  • Automatically Recurring Payments
    You receive a .25% interest rate discount If you set up an automatically recurring payment. Lower rate is reflected once the first payment clears.Option is only available for payments made from a U.S. bank account, such as your HUECU account.
  • One-time payment via Checking or Savings Account or Credit Card
    • Credit Card Payments:
      Daily credit card limit is $800, and UAS charges a $10 fee per credit card transaction (This is lower than many international transfer fees).

Are there pre-payment options?

There is no prepayment penalty.

Repayment Tip: We encourage you to make more than the minimum payment each month in an effort to pay the loan down faster and save money on interest.

Can I make a principal-only payment?

UAS does not process principal-only payments for HUECU loans. Your promissory note explicitly states that any payment made is first applied to principal and fees and second to payment, and it is an auditing issue for UAS to apply principal-only payments.

  • After capitalization, the balance reduces with payments, and accrues interest on the whole, the exact same way no matter how the payment is applied.
  • If you make payments before repayment and interest capitalization, payments are still split the way they would be during repayment, with a payment partially applied to interest and partially applied to principal.

What if I make a large payment?

If you make a payment that significantly reduces the balance of your loan, several things may happen:

  • It is likely you will pay off interest that accrued during enrollment in full, and going forward your payments will cover any month-to-month interest accrual, and be mostly applied to principal.
  • Your minimum payment will remain the same going forward unless you specifically request that your loan be re-amortized over the remaining term. You may do this by reaching out to the HUECU Contact Center to receive a re-amortization form.
  • If you do not re-amortize for a lower minimum payment, and continue making the current minimum or larger payments, you will pay the loan in full in less than the full term, saving money in interest over time.

How do I update my contact information?

To update your address, social security number, name, or any other personal information, you will need to contact both UAS and HUECU. While HUECU and UAS have a close, hands-on relationship with each other and our borrowers, we are two separate companies with separate information and security systems. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Can I release my co-signer from my loan?

After 48 months of consecutive, on-time, and in-full payments, you may request that your cosigner be released from your loan.

Are you locked out of your UAS account?

Reach out to UAS at 800-999-6227 or if you are experiencing technical problems or are locked out of your account.

Having trouble making your full monthly payment?

If you are unemployed or underemployed and cannot make the full payment, you can fill out a hardship forbearance form and complete a financial counseling session to determine a temporary repayment plan that will better suit your needs.

Forbearance plans are for 6 months at a time and you may take up to two consecutively; the intention of the temporary forbearance is to allow you time to get in a better financial situation; it is not a long term solution.

Interest continues to accrue during hardship forbearance.

Repayment Tip: making at least an interest-only payment will  prevent the loan balance from rising, and therefore prevent the minimum payment from becoming higher than it was before you entered forbearance.

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