Fee Schedule Effective January 1, 2022

Account Maintenance1$ 2.50 per month
Abandoned Account Processing$ 50.00
Account Research$ 25.00 per hour ($25 minimum)
Card Replacement$ 20.00
Copy of Paper Statement2$ 5.00 per statement
ATM Withdrawal
Other ATMs3
$ 1.50
Checking Account Monthly Fee
(unless waived per account agreement)
Crimson Essentials
Crimson Advantage
Crimson Elite

$ 5.00
$ 10.00
$ 20.00
Check Order4Varies
Deposited Item Returned$ 4.50
Insufficient Funds (check or electronic) Paid$ 25.00
Insufficient Funds (check or electronic) Returned$ 25.00
Item Paid Against Uncollected Funds$ 10.00
Foreign Check Collection
Canadian Item5
Other Foreign Item5

$ 20.00
$ 35.00
Foreign Currency Conversion Fee1.10% of card transaction amount
Foreign Currency Buy Back Fee$ 15.00
Levy Processing Fee$ 50.00
Money Order$ 4.00
Notary Public
HUECU Members
Non-HUECU Members

$ 1.25
Copy of Check Paid$ 4.00
Online BankingFREE
Online Bill PayFREE
Overdraft Protection(from savings, pre-authorized)$ 5.00
Reference/Verification Letter$ 5.00
Signature Guarantee (Medallion)FREE (HUECU Members Only)
Stop Payment$ 20.00
Tellers Check$ 5.00
Temporary Checks (sheet of four)$4.00
Wire Transfers
Domestic Outgoing
Foreign Outgoing

$ 7.50
$ 18.00
$ 35.00

1. Fee will be waived if more than one active deposit, credit card or loan account exists within the member number, or if share savings account average monthly balance exceeds $500
2. Available without fee for six months
3. May differ according to account agreement. If you use an ATM not operated by HUECU, you may be charged a fee by the operator of that ATM and/or by an automated transfer network
4. No charge for the first order of basic checks
5. Plus any fee charged by the correspondent bank
6. Fee waived for HUECU checking account holders